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"I have known and worked with Inga for 15 years and I'm delighted that she is now leading walks on Dartmoor.  She is wonderful company and her planning and organisation of any project is immaculate.  Her love of nature and of Dartmoor in particular will make her a perfect guide."  Satish Kumar - editor of Resurgence magazine, founder and now visiting fellow of Schumacher College

Dartmoor Walks This Way was founded by Inga Page, who has lived in Ashburton, on the southern edge of Dartmooor, for over 20 years.  During this time she has explored the moor thoroughly, paying particular attention to routes that will make for attractive and accessible walks for the whole family.  Until April 2012 she worked as Programme Manager at Schumacher College in Dartington, where she developed the popular Earth Pilgrim courses that take participants out to experience and reflect on the wild beauty of Dartmoor in the company of Satish Kumar.

“Some of my family are not very adventurous walkers, so I started going out in advance to make sure any outing we did together would be enjoyable for them as well as me.  Gradually, other people I know in the area began to ask me for advice about where they could take visiting relatives who liked hiking or their own children who needed some incentive to go for a walk.   At the same time, we introduced the Earth Pilgrim courses at Schumacher College and I took responsibility for planning the routes the group would follow.  Our participants were of very varied age and energy levels, so  the day walks needed to be no more than 5-6 miles and to have a number of good resting spots where the group could sit and talk, write in their journals etc.  The process of exploring new areas for this course made me realise how many beautiful parts of the moor are hardly visited even though they do not involve walking huge distances.

“The positive feedback from people who’ve done my walks and the fact that I love walking on Dartmoor and would like more people to experience all it has to offer has led me to set up Dartmoor Walks This Way.  I have created a network of guides with different areas of expertise so that we can offer walks with a particular focus if requested – for example, archaeology, plant life, poetry and literature of the moor, social history etc. “

Inga is trained in Outdoor First Aid and has a qualification in Moorland Leadership.  She can also offer guided walks and rides in German.

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