Dartmoor walks this way | About

Who is it for?

Our service is intended for:

  • Holidaymakers who enjoy walking, would like to go off the beaten track and want to make sure they have the right route for their energy levels and walking ability
  • Walkers who want to explore a particular feature or area of the moor and want guidance on the best paths and most interesting places to visit along the way
  • Groups or individuals with limited walking experience who want to enjoy Dartmoor’s natural beauty and get valuable exercise, whilst being assured they won’t get lost or end up having to struggle up very steep hills, wade through bogs or balance precariously across boulders
  • People living in the area who would like to get to know Dartmoor better on foot or have visitors with whom they want to share a special day out on the moor
  • If you have limited time to explore Dartmoor and want to make sure you have a really good day out, Dartmoor Walks This Way is for you.