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Wild Garlic Season

2015-04-29 14:21:37

Our walk today was a lowland one, in woods and meadows right on the edge of Ashburton.  I'd been out earlier in the week picking wild garlic and was so taken with all the wildflowers that I changed the route of this week's Gentle Walk to go through the area.  We identified 21 wildflowers - everything from primroses and yellow archangel to bluebells, hedgerow cranesbill, wood anemone and lady's smock.  Quite a few people picked wild garlic and we had a sunny break by the river, admiring the intense green of the young beech leaves.  

There are many uses for wild garlic - in pesto, salads and soups.  It has a very strong flavour, so is generally best mixed with other things.  Here is a soup recipe which came out absolutely delicious - and the most fabulous bright green colour!

Wild Garlic, Parsley & New Potato Soup

Serves 2-4

70g butter

1 chopped onion

A splash of dry white wine

250g new potatoes, sliced

1 litre vegetable stock

2 tsp salt

40g wild garlic, washed

150g flat-leaf parsley, picked and washed

Dash of cream

* Melt butter over medium heat, add onions and cook until translucent.

* Add wine and let alcohol evaporate.  Add potatoes, stock and salt and simmer until potatoes soft (30-45 mins)

* Remove from heat , add wild garlic, parsley and cream and blend until smooth.  (Works better in blender than food processor)

* Adjust seasoning to taste and serve with croutons and a drizzle of olive oil

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