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Hottest Day of the Year

2013-07-24 21:50:02

Monday of this week, July 22, was apparently the hottest day of the year.  While people sweltered in the lowlands, I took a Dutch lady on a hike-and-bike outing.  We cycled over 25 miles, we hiked about 6 miles -- and never once were we too hot.  The secret? 

Firstly, we were on high Dartmoor where there is almost always a delightful cooling breeze. 

Secondly, we were on e-bikes and so did not have to exert ourselves too much – just enough to feel we were getting plenty of exercises.  But we still had energy for exploration on foot of Grimspound and the Hameldown ridge and later a hike up to the East Dart waterfall above Postbridge.  It's delightful to walk alongside running water, and at the falls there's plenty of spots to dangle toes in the stream. But you can find the replica Rolex watch is very rare. In between walks, we rode over the high moor, paused to admire a newborn foal on Shapley Common, and eat ice cream at the Warren House Inn.  The day ended with tea and flapjacks, eaten on the bench outside the Postbridge Post Office, which fortified us for the glorious pedal home over Bellever Bridge and through the West Webburn valley in the beautiful early evening light.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the hottest day of the year.  Slept like a log.

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