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5 Good Reasons to Walk

2015-01-27 18:45:40


* It’s what our bodies evolved to do: the healthiest and most natural form of exercise.  Hippocrates said it is man's best medicine.

       Everyone knows how to do it, but most don’t do it enough!

* Being outside in nature is good for us mentally, emotionally and physically

       Studies have shown that people benefit more from walking outside in a park or the countryside than on a treadmill in a gym

       This article tells of one man's journey out of depression thanks to taking up walking

* It’s easier to talk to people when walking alongside them than sitting across from each other

       This is why netwalking and coaching while walking are becoming increasingly popular

* Fresh air and movement aids concentration and creative thinking

     Many of the greatest philosophers and scientists say that a daily walk was essential in developing their ideas

* It’s affordable and accessible to all

     No expensive specialist equipment is needed – although good footwear and outdoor clothing are essential.

For more information on the health benefits of walking, click here

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