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Dartmoor walks this way | Walks

Dartmoor Walks This Way can offer a full day or half day of walking on the moor that will start at a convenient location and take you to lovely hidden corners, interesting historic sites and varied landscapes in the company of an experienced guide with good knowledge of local history and geography.  The route will be planned to suit what you want to do and see.  Phone 07914-184220 or email to book a guided walk or discuss the best route for you.

Family Walks

"Do you do walks that are suitable for families with children?"

Name: Family Walking around Hound Tor

Distance: 3 - 4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Features: Great tors to climb on, rivers, a quarry, a rope swing and ruined village


This walk has a lot of variety and plenty to interest children.  We start by visiting a Bronze Age grave, then walk downhill to a clapper bridge over a stream.  We walk through some lovely woodland and up a hill to Smallacombe rocks - good for climbing, letterboxing and excellent views.  We cross the valley (passing a mire with real insect-eating plants in) and get to a quarry and the only granite tramway anywhere in the world.  Passing a "beehive hut" (straight out of the Flintstones cartoons) we drop steeply down into the valley, cross the stream on another clapper bridge and stop in the lovely meadow beyond to have a go on the rope swing over the stream.  Then there's a short climb through a bracken jungle to the ruined medieval village of Hundatora, home of Bowerman the huntsman who got turned into stone by witches.  The final stretch takes us up to Hound Tor itself for some good climbing - and by this time we can see the car park again where the Hound of the Basketmeals will be serving ice cream and cups of tea for tired walkers.