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Dartmoor walks this way | News

Baskervilles, Bikes - and a Cream Tea Too

May 14

The planning and research for the Baskerville E-Bike Tour is complete and we're launching this June...  with a special offer thrown in.  The tour starts in Princetown and includes

* visit to atmospheric Fox Tor Mire (inspiration for the fearsome Grimpen Mire)

* views of Dartmoor Prison (from where the convict Selden escaped)

* visit to Postbridge village (the hamlet of Grimpen was based on this settlement)

* visit to prehistoric hut circles (called "homes of the ancient people" by Dr Watson)

* high moorland tors featuring in the book

* a full account of the legends and other Dartmoor locations that captured Conan Doyle's imagination

On the return stretch of the ride, we pass Powder Mills Pottery and our special June offer is a free fabulous Devon cream tea for each cyclist, all locally sourced and served on beautiful pottery made on the premises.  

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